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Re-imagining Simpson Park

Sep 10, 2018

For those of you who cannot remember what Brickell was like way back 30-years ago, let me simply say that it bears no resemblance to what we see today. In short, Brickell wasn’t yet Brickell. No City Center, No Four Seasons, No JW Marriott and none of the modern condos and rentals which line our streets today. And, there weren’t many restaurants either. In fact, it seems that nearly half of the neighboring properties were completely empty or were utilized by one and two story buildings that have long since disappeared.

Along with all of these stunning buildings has come a huge influx of young professionals, many of whom are married with children. This dynamic of remaining in the urban core after marriage and even having children is consistent with the national trend. But, along with this changing profile has come a set of pressing needs which our community has yet to satisfy. Atop the list of needs is more parks and recreation facilities and, of course, more well located and outstanding schools. Today, I want to address the obvious lack of parks and recreation facilities.

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