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Vendors rush motorized scooters onto Miami streets

Apr 03, 2019

Six vendors rushed to put motorized scooters on Miami streets April 1, the beginning of a six-month scooter pilot program within the city’s District 2, which includes the entire Brickell corridor. The Miami City Commission approved the pilot 3-2 in October, with Joe Carollo and Manolo Reyes dissenting, citing safety concerns.

The city came up with a formidable list of rules: Riders must 18 or older and have a valid driver’s license; can only ride the scooters on streets, or sidewalks or bike lanes; can’t carry passengers or take the scooters outside of District 2; should yield to pedestrians and alert them before passing, and riders should wear helmets.

Bolt Mobility, based in Miami Beach, rented and is renovating a Wynwood warehouse on Northwest 24th Street that will be a maintenance and repair facility but also an employee training space as the company rolls out its service to other cities, said Will Nicholas, executive vice president of operations.

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