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Miami gives scooters two more months in trial

Oct 01, 2019

Scooters can remain on city of Miami at least a bit longer.

With the first six months of a pilot program wrapped up, the Miami City Commission last week voted to renew the scooter program two more months. The second iteration has added measures to address safety concerns, as emphasized by Chairman Ken Russell, whose district will continue being the sole area of scooter operation in the city,


He made floor amendments during the meeting, allowing scooter vendors to maintain their fleet size, protecting the Deco Bicycle dock stations from encroachment by scooters, and ordering the administration to run two spot checks a month to verify the data.


“This one is the most important one to me to stop unauthorized, underage riding,” Mr. Russell said as he explained an amendment. “Every company now will have to scan a driver’s license to start the app. If anyone is found to be using the app that is not that a registered user, the companies must charge the user $100.”


Stripped from the pilot after objections from Wifredo “Willy” Gort was a proposed ancillary program that would have allowed motorized bicycles in the district.



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