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Miami DDA continues to make a big difference

Mar 16, 2020

The Miami Downtown Development Authority (DDA) continues to diligently perform many everyday services that are vital to the Brickell Area and The Central Business District. These services range from developing/implementing overarching long-term civic strategies to executing day-to-day street-level duties that typically go unheralded. Nevertheless, the DDA’s tireless efforts strive to make Miami’s two primary business areas second to none.

Below is a recap of DDA projects accomplished during the month of February 2020.  

Downtown Ambassadors

  16,544 Hospitality assists / 245 Safety Walks

  197 Motorist assists / 1,432 Business Contacts

  2,413 homeless outreach interactions

  Assisted at 10 events –- including Super Bowl LIV, Walk for the Animals, MCAD events, Mary Brickell Village events & 5 Heat games 

   Participated in Hospitality Training

  Distributed Valentine's Day candy throughout the District during Valentine’s Day shopping season.

 Downtown Enhancement Team (DET)

  DET & DET/CRA collected 1,645 garbage bags  

  DET/NEAT removed 14 instances of illegal dumping; removed 5 syringes from the area

   Trained 5 new DET/CRA members 

  DET / NEAT collaborated on litter pick/graffiti removal & landscape maintenance throughout the District in preparation for Super Bowl LIV events, Yacht Show, Miami Marathon, 305 Half Marathon, Dolphin Cancer Challenge, Miami Heat games & Arsht Center events

  Collaborated on special-clean up with MPD, NET, Human Services and Solid Waste on 2/12

  Neighborhood Enhancement Action Team (NEAT)

  NEAT/DET performed landscape maintenance and watering throughout DWNTWN

  NEAT/DET replaced 268 shrubs (flowering plants) along NE 1 St, SE 1 St & at the Dade County Courthouse

 Downtown Special Vending District

 Weekday inspections conducted on 2/6 & 2/24; Quarterly Weekend inspections on 2/22

 Quality of Life – FACTS    12 incidents reported by Ambassadors

  3 Street signs/ 8 Traffic Signals reported to MDC PW

  9 lighting issues were reported to FPL/City of Miami & Miami-Dade County

  1,100 instances of Graffiti removed by DET & Ambassadors

  44,392 uses to date at Pit Stop (FY 19-20); restrooms have been used 245,616 times since inception

  12 special collections; 90 Daily Inspections conducted by Solid Waste

  Hosted 2nd Downtown Miami Sparkle Tour on 1/29/20; 30 participants

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